Based in Salt Lake City, Parliament Marketing is a full-service business generator from online and in-person event-based sources. We bring in fully-vetted customers to our businesses, clients, and partners.

Parliament has been in business since 2004. We have 30 employees, both U.S.-based and abroad. Our employees work hard and play hard while maintaining a high quality of life. Dogs are allowed in our office and most of our employees work a hybrid schedule, meaning a considerable portion of their time is spent at our wonderful office, while the remainder of their time is from home or when traveling. We have a kitchen in our office, support all varieties of political and religious views, and have one of the best taco stands in Salt Lake City right in our parking lot.

The intricacies of our business are fairly complex and difficult to explain, but we have several business segments, some of which we own, with a lot of crossover between those segments. Employees are generally not limited to only working in one area of the business and this makes work at Parliament Marketing fun and exciting. Because many of these businesses are their own brands and to maintain customer service integrity, we do not advertise them under the umbrella of Parliament. Most of our businesses are online, but several operate at events.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • In-person opt-in for promotions and giveaways and services at consumer events.
  • Full-service call center and opt-in verification from digital and in-person lead generation. 
  • Sweepstakes-based website that generates over 100,00 leads annually.
  • Operate over 80 websites.
  • Execute hundreds of thousands of dollars in paid media to our websites.
  • We also operate a brewery, alcohol brand, and restaurant (dead serious).

See more about our business segments on our home page.