About Parliament Marketing

Established in 2004, Parliament Marketing is a leading provider of direct marketing, digital marketing, and sales talent in Utah, Colorado, and California.

Parliament Marketing offers a variety of services ranging from direct-to-consumer marketing and lead generation to social media management. Our philosophy is centered around meaningful interactions that create strong customer relationships while fostering a fun and energetic company culture. This balance enables our marketing teams to effectively introduce valuable customers to our clients while having a blast at the same time!

Our mission is to deliver unsurpassed value while never forgetting to create a company culture where you love to go to “work”.

Our Clients

At Parliament Marketing we have a passion for helping our clients build lasting relationships with their customers. Our current client portfolio is comprised of hospitality companies, software companies, travel agencies, breweries and more. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt our marketing strategies and an array of services to a wide variety of industry verticals.

Our Services

Direct Marketing
Get out in front of your customer, building direct customer relationships.
Lead Generation
Need help generating leads? Need more qualified leads? We have you covered.
Content Creation
Determine what is relevant to your audiences and generate engaging content surrounding those topics.
Web Development
We can create intuitive, highly functional, and stylish websites that are compatible with all platforms.
Social Media Management
Create engaging social media campaigns directed toward your audiences for each platform based on your needs.
SEO Optimization
We identify what your audience searches for online and improve your rankings through optimizing your content with keywords.
Make certain that your brand is engaging and consistent with our help.
Need help finding a new direction with a project or a campaign? Having Trouble reaching your marketing goals? We can help.
Email Campaigns
Curate engaging email content, grow your contact list and connect with your audiences.

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